Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Just bag it" Made by Ann

Having a hard time carrying around the fold up picnic table and other picnic or camping gear..?.. Just Bag it! This may take a bit of sew skill, but very do-able. Thanks Ann, this is another great idea.

Very cute, reversible flirty aprons- Made by Ann

Thank you Ann for submitting this fantastic idea. These are darling reversible aprons.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Unique Window Treatments

I wanted something unique, masculine, and feminine for my master bedroom windows. I decided on a leather like vinyl upholstered onto a cornice board, accented with large nail heads. For a more feminine, softer look, I added the sheers held to the side with the tassel. The cornice board is made of inexpensive chip board. The width (face piece) is the width of the window (including molding) plus 2 inches extra on each side. For the length, I measured from the ceiling to 3 inches into window (17"). The returns and top pieces are 3" deep by the length (17"). The pieces are glued and screwed together. I staple a layer of batting over entire board and then wrap the cornice board with the vinyl, stapling into place. I like to line the inside in case you can see it from the outside. To hang the sheer and tassel, I installed closet pole holders and a simple closet rod. The entire window treatmen is mounted with L brackets.

No Sewing required!!!! I had my boys pick out their favorite sports team pennants. They are hung on a rod with clip rings. EASY!!!!!

This is a mock balloon valance. It is a simple rectangle with a top rod pocket and pom pom fringe on the bottom. I sewed a casing for the rope on each side and then sewed on a ribbon for the casing in the centers. Fish rope through the casings and pull to desired fullness. Secure in place.
I can be contacted through email at sewextraordinaire@q.com

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Copy Cat "Pottery Barn" Burlap Pillow made by Margret

Burlap pillows are all over blogland right now and I've seen several Pottery Barn knock-offs duplicated. I'm not sure how they did theirs but here is how I did mine. I don't think you could get any cheaper than this version.

Buy a pillow at 2nd hand store for a buck. (cheaper than buying a new pillow form) better yet, recover one you already own.

Find a font you like and size and print saying out on paper. (this will be your pattern)

use a Sharpie marker (I used medium point)

If you have the luxury of owning a light box, use this to trace saying onto square of burlap, otherwise hold it up to the window and get a tired arm but the same end product.

Marvel at how you can't tell it was done with a Sharpie.

Sew burlap together on 3 sides to fit pillow.

Insert pillow and if you're like me, pull out your handy dandy hot glue gun and glue 4th side shut,
or, be proper and take the time to sew 4th side shut.

stand back, admire and feel warm fuzzies knowing Pottery Barn would set you back $49 dollars and yours cost about a buck fifty!

I'm going to do some different sayings and graphics as well.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reversible "Happy Birthday" & "Congratulation" Banner

Steps for Reversible Happy Birthday / Congratulation Banner

Step 1- Cut out 14 rectangles of each color (11"*8.5")

Step 2- cut strips of fabric that you want for the letters. Iron them to one side of the double sided fusible inner facing

Step 3 - Print out letters from computer and roughly cut them out and lay face down on the back side of the iron on. Pin them securely and cut out. Pill off the backing of inner facing and iron on to the rectangles. Keep the Happy Birthdays on one color and the Congratulation on the other to keep things simple.

Step 4- If you wish to top stitch the letters, this would be a good time. I like to top stitch so that it stays on longer.

Step 5- Lay out the letters with Happy Birthday going one direction and Congratulation going the other, bottom to bottom.

Step 6-Pin right sides together keeping bottom of letters together.

Step 7- Sew 3 of the sides together leaving an inch from the top on both sides and side open.

Step 8-Turn right side out and iron flat. Fold in top side and stitch closed leaving small side opening left open.
Step 9- Fish a long string or rope through the top of each rectangle making sure they are in proper order. Hang on wall or window. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funky Pants

This is a great, fun way to recycle girls pants that get a hole or are too short.
Step 1: cut the pants off at the knee at equal lengths.
Step 2: cut a strip of fabric the length you want the ruffle by the fullness desired. For example, I cut a strip of fabric 6" wide by 20" long for each side. The length of the strip should be at least 2X the width of the pant leg. Step 3: Sew ends of strips together. Step 4: Hem one side. Step 5: gather other side. Step 6: with right sides together, sew ruffle to pant leg. Step 7: sew a ribbon on top of seam leaving enough ribbon on ends to tie in a bow. SEW cute!!!!