Saturday, April 10, 2010

Steps for Reversible Happy Birthday / Congratulation Banner

Step 1- Cut out 14 rectangles of each color (11"*8.5")

Step 2- cut strips of fabric that you want for the letters. Iron them to one side of the double sided fusible inner facing

Step 3 - Print out letters from computer and roughly cut them out and lay face down on the back side of the iron on. Pin them securely and cut out. Pill off the backing of inner facing and iron on to the rectangles. Keep the Happy Birthdays on one color and the Congratulation on the other to keep things simple.

Step 4- If you wish to top stitch the letters, this would be a good time. I like to top stitch so that it stays on longer.

Step 5- Lay out the letters with Happy Birthday going one direction and Congratulation going the other, bottom to bottom.

Step 6-Pin right sides together keeping bottom of letters together.

Step 7- Sew 3 of the sides together leaving an inch from the top on both sides and side open.

Step 8-Turn right side out and iron flat. Fold in top side and stitch closed leaving small side opening left open.
Step 9- Fish a long string or rope through the top of each rectangle making sure they are in proper order. Hang on wall or window. Enjoy!!!!

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  1. If you want to add the ending S to Congratulation, just make another flag with an ! on it for the end of Happy Birthday. :)