Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funky Pants

This is a great, fun way to recycle girls pants that get a hole or are too short.
Step 1: cut the pants off at the knee at equal lengths.
Step 2: cut a strip of fabric the length you want the ruffle by the fullness desired. For example, I cut a strip of fabric 6" wide by 20" long for each side. The length of the strip should be at least 2X the width of the pant leg. Step 3: Sew ends of strips together. Step 4: Hem one side. Step 5: gather other side. Step 6: with right sides together, sew ruffle to pant leg. Step 7: sew a ribbon on top of seam leaving enough ribbon on ends to tie in a bow. SEW cute!!!!


  1. What beautiful models and the pants are cute too! Luv, Gma Cks

  2. Thanks for posting this, I am going to have to give it a try!!

  3. Those are darling! I've been wanting to try this! Thanks for the step by step. I saw a similar idea on pink-fig: www.pinkfig.typepad.com
    Click on "darling jeans" in the right hand column. So fun!

  4. Cute!

    But, what would you suggest doing with boy's pants that suddenly have gotten too short, or have holes in the knees??!!!

  5. My boy's pants get cut off and simply hemmed with heavy duty Orange (tan,yellow)Jeans thread so it looks like they were meant to be shorts. My boys would freak if I did anything cute with them.